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The January Riderwood Scholastic Tournament was held on January 12th in Towson, Maryland. The tournament was a huge success. The only real problem was that we could not fit all the players who wanted to play. Registration was sold out 10 days before the start of the tournament! I am looking for new sites next year where will won't be constrained by the size of the cafeteria.

In the Contenders section the winner was Brian Li from Greenbriar West Elementary school in Fairfax, VA. Brian went 3.5-0.5 and upset top seeded Josh Zwagil (Pikesville) in the last round. Brian played a nice bishop vs. knight endgame. Because they played on the DGT board, I was able to get a complete score of the game. You can find the pgn file here.

The Future Contenders section, Joshua Bacayon (Dumbarton Middle) made it a family sweep this year by winning the section that his brother Timothy won in October. They just moved here from the Phillipines last summer where they were active chess players. Kushal Byatnal (Cockeysville Middle) came in second playing well above his current rating and gaining of 200 ratings points.

In the High School/Middle School Reserve Robert Shafer (Eleanor Roosevelt) beat previously undefeated Darius Crawford (Kenmore Middle) in the last round to force a four-way tie for first place with Clark Smiley (Belmont Middle) and Andrew Stringfellow (Dumbarton Middle).

Meanwhile, in the Elementary Reserve Anant Das (Greenbriar West) went 5-0 picking up over 150 ratings points. Tied for 2nd through 6th were Eric Chen (Cold Spring), Quil Kibak, Christian Scheidt (Saint Andrews), Sean Tully (Riderwood) and Keven Walker (Riderwood).

The Novice section had a three-way tie for first place between 1st grader Marianne Howard (Jacksonville), Sydnee Campbell (Cross Country), and Logan Roberts (Pleasant Valley). All three gained around 300 ratings points! The top Novice teams were Pleasant Valley, Cross Country, and Stoneleigh.

The final cross table in tie-break order is here. The rated results cross table is here.

Top Overall Teams

High School

18.5 Gilman
13.5 Pikesville
11.5 Montgomery Blair

Middle School

22.5 Dumbarton
14.5 Boonesboro
11.5 Cockeysville

Elementary School

25.5 Greenbriar West
18.5 Riderwood
18.0 Cross Country
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